Varanida and Secret Media will now contend with decentralization in a transparent and free Internet together

French blockchain startup Varanida, offering a decentralized solution to advertising and content, today announced the acquisition of media platforms Secret Media.

Founded by the French by Frederick Montagnana and Julien Romanetto in 2014, the year of the decentralized platform Secret Media helps publishers and advertisers to find the approach to the category of Internet users who use ad blocking programs.

Startup Varanida created using transparent decentralization of the Internet, decided to strengthen its activities and to expand its business by acquiring the platform Secret Media.

Over the past four years Secret Media cooperated with major local and international media groups like Condé Nast, TF1, NBC, IAC, CNN, IBT, AOL, Rakuten and Prisma. In a press release, co-founder of Secret Media, Frederick Montagnon, said:

“The main task of the media industry – to respect the personal data of Internet users and improve the user experience, that is, to lower the “advertising pressure”, ensuring free access to the content. We worked on this for 4 years and have tested many solutions. Varanida is the best I’ve seen. We have developed the technology, while Varanida has developed a new ecosystem in which publishers, advertisers and users are in balance with each other, providing a free and secure Internet”

The press release says that the merger will benefit all stakeholders in the advertising industry: advertisers who want to advertise their ads to publishers who need to monetize their content, and users who want to filter comes to them advertising content.

Also in the official statement notes that the developed Media Secret encryption technology, designed for recovery of blocked impressions will help Varanida to develop its first health check concept, which is scheduled for the end of 2018. Anji Ismail, CEO Varanida added:

“Frederick, Julien and their team provide us your valuable experience. Secret Media have established strong relationships with major media brands. And we, on our part with the community. Now we combine these two sides – the media and users. The pooling of resources will allow us to accelerate our activities and continue to develop partnerships”

In the early years of the major Internet sites like Salon, to combat ad blockers are also eyeing the opportunity to use their computing power to users in exchange for viewing the site without ads.

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