UEFA has implemented blockchain ticketing system

The Union of European football associations (UEFA) has introduced a new blockchain system to buy tickets through mobile devices.

After the “successful implementation” of the blockchain system for the sale of 50% of tickets for the Champions League final 2018 in Lyon in may, the Union of European football associations (UEFA) has decided to expand the use of technology “for the rest of the General public” in Estonia, according to a press release from the 16th August.

Thus, all tickets for the UEFA super Cup match in 2018 between the teams Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, which took place in Tallinn on 15 August, was sold using based on the blockchain app for iOS and Android.

Also, in an official statement clarifies that UEFA will continue to implement innovative technology:

“UEFA is committed to making the buying process simple and safe, with a new system aimed at the safe distribution of tickets and is able to prevent counterfeiting and duplication of tickets”

Sport and tryptomer getting closer: in August, the Association of the NFL has signed a partnership agreement with the blockchain startup that helps athletes to earn tokens on content creation. Earlier it became known that the Brazilian football clubs Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians will use and promote football cryptocurrency IVI and football club of Gibraltar will pay the salaries of players in the cryptocurrency.

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