the WSJ has produced a documentary about the creation of the token WSJCoin

The Wall Street Journal released a documentary film about the cryptocurrency called “WSJCoin: to understand cryptocurrencies, we have created it” (WSJCoin: To Understand Cryptocurrencies, We Created One).

According to reporter Stephen Russolillo to understand what’s going on in kryptomere to become part of it, and so he decided to initiate the project of creating a token WSJCoin for the news industry and spoke about the process a 20-minute documentary video.

The journalist went first to Japan, which is considered a leader in the cryptocurrency industry, mainly due to the developed regulatory measures. In Japan, bitcoin is so popular that he has even represented in pop culture as Stephen said after attending a concert of Virtual Currency Girls.

In the Prefecture, Aizu is a small town, where you will soon see how cryptocurrencies can change the world. The reporter met with a Professor of the University of Aizu, which automatically pays the energy consumption of your electric vehicle bitcoins. In the University cafeteria, the visitors to pay a token of the University, which also allow you to collect data on purchases inside the campus. Moreover, now the project will be extended to the local community that will allow you to track all the costs of residents and implement the point and effective measures when the local crisis, said the initiators of the project.

In the documentary also includes other examples of the use of blockchain technology in the real world: the launch of the Venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency, blockchain-based platform for optimization of supply chain logistics giant Maersk, token, Kodak, and even use the cryptocurrency to pay for viewing adult content at Playboy.

In Japan, the WSJ journalist meets with a representative of the mining industry, which agrees to mine the cryptocurrency only when “she will bring him a lot of money” and the developer and co-founder of blockchain startup Soramitsu Makoto Takemiya, with whom they are less than 24 hours to release 9.8 million tokens WSJCoin and commit the first transaction involving a new cryptocurrency in a local bar, after convincing the bartender to take 2 token in exchange for beer.

The head of the Bitcoin crypto currency exchange DMM, Hiroshi Toguchi, promises to examine the token listing on the exchange, noting that a key success factor token is development conducive to mass adoption of payment systems that, in his opinion, lacks the basic cryptocurrency.

A large blockchain-conferences Steven tries to convince cryptoendoliths of the value of the new Coyne, however, industry experts refuse to buy WSJCoin, knowing that he still has no technological applications. Chapter Valtitude, Dominic Thor explained:

“Many people want to use the blockchain to what comes into their head, simply because around this HYIP now. I think you should think that the technology actually will bring new, as it will become useful in the industry… And as an investor, you should also pay attention to those projects that already have technological application”

Those at the annual conference of the WSJ Stephen presented a pitch project, where part of the panel discussion the head of BitPesa Elizabeth Rossiello and former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas noted that the Wall Street Journal can indeed create a revolution in the industry news, listing the possible applications of the technology, especially when simplifying and reducing the cost of cash transactions. For more information about applying blockchain technology in journalism you can read the review on Bitnovosti.

WSJCoin however, the launch never took place, faced with the failure of the “controller” the news media, the Nile Lipschitz responsible for compliance with ethical standards:

“We are not participants of the stock market, we are here to report the news and explain them, as we share the news of the banking industry, but we don’t open Bank…”

According to Lipschitz, if the publication has launched a cryptocurrency, the audience might begin to doubt the objectivity of the publication and therefore he clearly outlined his position in the following words:

“We’re not going to run the cryptocurrency”

Recall that in late September, activists of Crypto maniacs aka Team 1234 filmed a documentary showing whether today people live in China, using only bitcoin, despite the government ban.

In late August, the Studio “show and tell” also completed work on the film “State vs bitcoin. Admit me if you can”, which in Hollywood is still filming is based on real events film about the cryptocurrency in Russia.

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