the US is recognized as the most favorable country for the organization and conduct ICO

USA, Switzerland and Singapore were considered the most favorable countries for ICO from the perspective of the blockchain analysts.

Analysts conference, Crypto Finance, gathered publicly available data on 100 of the most successful ICO in various countries from the point of view of cost of resources to conduct primary placements of coins and their ranking based on the number of running projects.

Analysts in the US noted as the most favorable country for ICO, which was held 30 successful ICO campaigns. The second country by the number of successful ICO projects is Switzerland, which hosted 15 successful fundraising cryptocurrency Sharapov. Singapore took third place with 11 successful projects.

The report also contains information on Russia, Estonia and the UK, as the most promising countries, where conditions are favorable for financing cryptoprocta. It is worth noting that Russia was trying to take a leading position on the market ICO and achieves impressive results in this area. At least 237 of the Russian companies spent about 17% of the ICO and pre-ICO in 2017. At a rough count, they have collected 22% of the global volume of attracted funds (at least $1.2 billion ).

Recall that July 13, 2018 in the REU named after G. V. Plekhanov (Russia, Moscow) held a unique Invest Summit. ICO Sharapov, secured by real assets. At the summit, 8 Russian ICO presented a new unprecedented, in terms of approach, model of digital business and has received direct investments from investors from China, India, USA, Panama, Brazil, Israel and Russia.

As we reported earlier, 2018 is breaking all records at the box ICO. From 2013, the year was held on 11 568 ICO-projects, which attracted more than 21 billion dollars. More than half of the funds (13.7 billion) was attracted 537 projects for the first 5 months of 2018.

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