the Swiss startup Seba attracted 88 million euros for the creation of kleptomanka

Located in the Swiss Cryptocoryne in ACG CryptoStream Seba Crypto AG has attracted 100 million Swiss francs for the creation of the first regulated cryptocurrency Bank.

According to the head of the company, a former Director of asset management at UBS, Guido buechler, the application for a license from the local regulator to start the service, will be filed in mid-October, commenting on the use of attracted investments:

“Part of the money will go to create a new financial institution, and the rest will be used to capitalize the Bank, so he could provide protection to investors. The company now has 17 employees, and we plan to double staff by 2019-th year. We want to offer access to the cryptocurrency and fiatnym money on a single account”

President Seba Andreas Amschwand also noted that the actions of regulators makes the country an “ideal” for the “paradigm shift” in the industry of financial services:

“In Switzerland, a government Agency committed to the implementation of regulatory environment conducive to the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency growth assets”

Last week, the Swiss bankers Association (SBA) and the Association Cryptocoryne Switzerland (СVA) has released new guidelines designed to standardize work with blockchain companies and to help develop the new industry.

This week it also became known that the German payment blockchain startup Bitwala plans to launch cryptobinding in November.

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