the Swiss government organized a blockchain-group

Швейцарское правительство организовало блокчейн-группу

The Swiss government has launched a new group to strengthen its regulatory framework relating to blockchain startups and ICO.

The blockchain team led by the Ministers of Finance and education, includes both Federal and local officials, as well as cleavland different blockchain-related startups.

The group will develop legal principles concerning the ICO and other blockchain-companies working on this issue in conjunction with the State Secretariat for international financial matters, Federal authority responsible for implementation of financial market policy and representing the financial interests of the government abroad.

The Minister of economy and education Johann Schneider-Ammann praised the desire blockchain companies to be active in the discussion about concerning their activities legal framework.

“[The blockchain is becoming an increasingly important technology for many industries, not only cryptoviruses. He needs liberal regulations, which opens up opportunities to strengthen the position of Switzerland while reducing risks.”

Switzerland is already showing friendliness to the blockchain and cryptocurrency startups organizations: the country even has a “Cryptocoryne” — a region famous for the abundance of companies developing projects based on this technology.

In addition, the Federal Council of the government in the past has hadopelagic to run the sandbox with the regulatory to create a more favorable environment for startups. The organization will monitor the development of new business models inspired by financial technologies.


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