the stock exchange of Germany creates adjustable ICO platform

The second largest German stock exchange Boerse Stuttgart is developing a platform for the ICO.

Boerse Stuttgart is planning to create the ICO platform within the framework of work on the “infrastructure end-to-end encryption” for the “digital assets”. According to the statement of the financial institution, the new platform will allow issuers to carry out a legal token-ICO “standardized methods and full transparency of all processes.”

The platform will also allow for a “multilateral cryptocurrency trade and offer unique solutions for the secure storage of funds,” reads the statement of the Boerse Stuttgart.

“Tokens issued on our platform for the ICO, can be resold on the secondary market. This is an important factor for the success of any of the ICO project. We note the demand from retail and institutional investors, pending the emergence of a regulated and reliable environment for trade and currency exchange transactions in the course of participation in the ICO”, said the CEO of Boerse Stuttgart Alexander Chapter.

He also added that when creating new products for the digital sector, the company plans “to work closely” with the financial regulators.

Germany actively began to support cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives in the country. Recently, the German SolarisBank offered the services of the corporate accounts for the European cryptobytes. The Bank received from regulators the appropriate license required for the banking companies associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and is working in the European Economic Area.

Recall statistics for last month show a significant drop in investment in ICO projects. The figure raised funds through primary placement of coins for July 2018 was $417 million, which is the lowest amount of fees for the ICO sector over the past year.

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