the Spanish Government of Aragon will use the blockchain in public administration

The government of the Spanish Autonomous community of Aragon has announced that has joined the consortium Alastria and will start to use blockchain technology in public administration.

Aragon is one of the 17 Autonomous communities of Spain. His Finance Minister, Fernando Gimeno, announced that the region entered into a cooperation with a consortium of Alastria, which brings together several hundred start-UPS, institutions and universities. This cooperation aims at accelerating the technological modernization of public administration in the region and services through the use of blockchain technology.

Gimeno explained that the blockchain will contribute to increasing transparency in the state system, adding:

“Technology is a distributed registry is a huge potential, it’s undeniable. It will help to increase transparency and management efficiency, but also will attract new commercial projects”.

For his part, President of the consortium Alastria, Julio Faura, said:

“Blockchain Alastria — a large computer with which actors communicate with other actors and securely share necessary information. Alastria is a financial cluster to which has joined more than 300 startapov. Aragon, in turn, is the first Autonomous community in Spain that have joined this initiative.”

Recall that in may 2018 the Spanish regulator said about the readiness to approve of the cryptocurrency investment funds, however, the head of the Bank of Spain noted that cryptocurrencies still hold the promise of more risks than benefits.

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