the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic: Party of pirates are only capable of mining bitcoins

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic stated that the opposition Party pirates are not able to discuss the government’s innovation initiatives.

According to local newspaper, Prime Minister Andrew Babish called the competence of members of the Czech pirate Party is insufficient to participate in the discussion of the governmental programs in the sphere of information technologies:

“ so many words, but no action, except for mining bitcoins. We expect that you [the Party of pirates] in the future will begin to take a more active part”

The accusation was made after the Chairman of the opposition political party, Jakub Machacek, asked about government progress in the development of an electronic database for government documents. And in answer to the charge itself Michalek called the strategy of Prime Minister “brainwashing”.

Czech pirates Party is one of the youngest political force in the country. Founded in 2009, today the party has 22 seats out of 200 in the lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The pirates are committed to transparency, anti-corruption struggle, the establishment of e-government and the protection of civil liberties. The mention of cryptocurrency in the context of Pirates and not by accident. Babish referred to a recent scandal involving one of the opposition, who established the Central office of party equipment for mining bitcoins.

Over the past few years the level of acceptance of digital currency in the country has increased significantly: of the order of thousands of Czech online stores accept bitcoin as payment for goods and services, and this year the representatives of Prague took part in the Blockchain and the bitcoin conference. At the moment there is no evidence that one of the political parties of the Czech Republic continues to mine bitcoins using the state budget, however, the mention of digital currency, even in such controversial context can, in General, have a positive impact on the development of cryptocurrency industry.

Meanwhile, local investors have long been interested in foreign blockchain startups: in July, the Czech financial company Benson Oak announced its intention to invest $ 100 million in Israeli blockchain startups that have become popular this year.

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