the nerve center of the EU proposed the unification of the regulations of the stock market

Bruegel stands for uniform standard of cryptocurrency regulation in the EU.

Located in Brussels analytical center BRUEGEL (Brussels European and Global Economic Laboratory), working in the field of international Economics, advocated a single standard of cryptocurrency regulation in the EU.

Its position Bruegel laid before “an informal meeting of the Minister of economy and Finance” in the report, which is not yet available to the General public.

The organization concluded that the EU needed a “common rules” on the cryptocurrency, dissemination and circulation of tokens, offering a to apply existing norms to the regulation of kryptomere and ICO projects.

However, the same report mentions that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies makes regulation impossible, citing the ban on mining in China.

The release of the report falls on the day after the meeting of the European Parliament on the standardization of the rules of the ICO within the rules for crowdfunding.

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Ashley Fox has proposed a bill to establish unified rules for regulation of the ICO within the EU: if the proposal is adopted, the new rules will allow startups to attract investments across the European Union, not individual countries.

In a recent study, the European Parliament also came to the conclusion that the electronic currency issued by Central banks, can become the guarantor of the legal protection of users, in the absence of a competition policy to protect the rights of users in the cryptocurrency sector.

It is noteworthy that in may the European Parliament Committee on industry, research and energy adopted a resolution outlining the benefits of adopting the technology of distributed registries.

We have previously reported that in April the European Parliament voted to toughen regulation of the stock market: crypto currency exchange and providers cryptocell must now implement processes client-side validation, including mandatory identification of users.

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