the Maltese stock exchange launches 2 platform for token-securities in partnership with the Binance and OKEx

A subsidiary of the Malta stock exchange Malta Stock Exchange, MSX, announced the opening of two platforms for listing and exchange of tokens, which are regarded as securities: Neufund in partnership with the crypto currency exchange Binance and OKMSX – c OKEx.

The company Neufund will be a platform of complete cycle for issuing tokens that are considered securities representing the right to own shares in companies that allow their legal exchange in the secondary market and increase their liquidity.

The new platform has 7 companies have started to offer Token Equity Offering (ETO), tokens with respective shareholdings in the company: Founders Bank, Brille24, Uniti, Myswooop, Next Big Thing, Blockstate and Emflux Motors.

Posted on the main market of Neufund tokens after a test period will also be available on Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges:

“We are pleased to announce a partnership with the Malta Stock Exchange Binance that will ensure the high liquidity of tokens with shares in companies, released on the platform Neufund”

The head and co-founder of Neufund, Zoe Adamovich, said that this project “the first in history in which the tokens recognized by the securities can be offered and share within the legal environment” and pilot project “will test the market reaction” with “minimal risk”.

The second project of the Malta stock exchange platform OKMSX, aims to become an institutional trading platform for tokens recognized by the securities. The joint venture is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of next year.

Director of risk management and relations with the state structures of crypto currency exchange OKEx, Tim Byung, said that the company “is confident in the commitment of the Maltese government to ensure efficient, safe and transparent blockchain trading environment”.

The Maltese Parliament is currently considering 3 of the bill about cryptocurrency and the blockchain, the entry into force of which would offer investors a clear and transparent legal environment for the development of the cryptocurrency business in Malta.

Famous crypto currency exchange such as DQR and OKEx, already declared about moving to Malta. Binance has also chosen Malta for its new headquarters, received an ultimatum from the authorities of Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the crypto currency exchange Binance and OKEx continue to compete for the leadership among kryptomere.

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