the London School of Economics is launching an online course in cryptocurrency

London School of Economics (LSE) offers an online course “Cryptocurrency investment and revolution”

A leading British business school, known for its research in the field of politics and economy, opens an online course about investments in cryptocurrency assets.

The first six-week online course starts in mid-August.

Students are encouraged to obtain practical and theoretical knowledge about investing in the cryptocurrency, including the skills cryptomeria and cryptocurrency wallets, as well as skills assessment of ICO projects.

Also, the course covers the intersection of cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets and opportunities behind the cryptocurrency blockchain technology for business and industry.

In the prospectus of the course mentioned that students will be provided tips on investing in cryptocurrencies, or other investment recommendation.

The fact that the LSE beginning to teach the skills of cryptocurrency investment is not surprising given that the leading universities are already offering cryptocurrency-related programs and courses, including Stanford, MIT and Cornell.

The technology is already penetrating directly into the sphere of education. Oxford offers not only educational courses, but also creates its own blockchain College based on smart contracts. Also, according to the founder of the law firm Capital Fund Law Group, some universities on the East coast of the United States are already beginning to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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