the Geography of users: most of captainvalor lives in Turkey

A new survey conducted by banking giant ING, shows that the greatest number of holders of cryptocurrencies is concentrated in Turkey (18% of the resident from the database of Bank clients). Romania ranked second in the number of cryptoendoliths (12%) , Poland — third (11%), Spain fourth (10%).

Annual customer survey ING International Survey Mobile Banking was held in June 2018 and has covered 15 000 users in 15 different countries.

География пользователей: больше всего криптоинвесторов живет в Турции

According to the survey, 8.5 percent of respondents own bitcoins or other digital assets. It is noteworthy that the greatest number of holders of the cryptocurrency, according to the study, living in Turkey, the share of bitcoin investors in this country was 18%.

Most likely, a number of bitcoin enthusiasts due to the ongoing rising inflation in the country (16%), devaluation of the Turkish Lira, the cost of which has fallen by more than 40%, and us sanctions.

Last week, a record depreciation of the Turkish Lira had triggered a growing volume of trade digital currencies on local exchanges by 150% and bitcoin was trading at $500 dollars more than in foreign markets.

Earlier this year a similar study ING showed that global interest in cryptocurrencies has risen at least twice.

We will remind that earlier Turkey was considering the establishment of the Turkish bitcoins.

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