the evolution of the Blockchain: a world that does not belong to us

Once the Savior came and proclaimed – “Your money does not belong to you! Because banks hold your account”. And there was a Blockchain Almighty. And then said the Savior is “This good!”. No one else the Savior is not seen and not heard. It has been 10 years, but the oppression of the banks has not diminished, but the blockchain has become the plaything of speculators. And there is a whisper among the crowd, but he knows the all-Seeing Eye every thought of man. And no one can neither buy nor sell without his permission. An interesting tale? This is a typical day in the life of each of us.

Each of us probably at least once thought about how we think, speak, and understand other people. Who are we? What makes us exactly who we think we are? Why the surrounding of each space are one thing and reality is at all different?

You have a lot of friends and family that you trust, like yourself? I assume not. You have friends and there are enemies. You hate someone, someone to idolize, someone to fear. Many believe in fair elections. Doubt the loyalty of a loved one. Read the news and watch the exchange rate. And believe, believe, believe…

Believe in the reality created for them. They can’t assess the situation impartially. Lost in the streams of heterogeneous and contradictory information. Can’t hear each other. Or hear and see what they want to hear or see.

What’s the problem? Methods of communication

We were led to believe that the government and banks is evil, and the only solution lies in the change of government and getting rid of the banking system. Someone believes it, someone not. In this sense, many have high hopes on the blockchain and Bitcoin. But the fact is that by themselves, these tools cannot change the world.

We were led to believe that the next Netmessenger or Telegram will save us from censorship and make free. But if you read about the methods of manipulation in the media – you will realize that it is not in the encryption. And cryptocurrency will not help here.

While we use the usual information channels such text, TV, radio, Internet – we will be controlled by those who tells us, “what the world really is.” The majority of these sources of one-way communication, let’s call them “centralised”.

It looks like this:

Эволюция Блокчейна: мир, который нам не принадлежит

Thus, we are all under the influence of imposed on us sources. As a rule, we have no way of getting feedback. We are unable to Express their agreement or disagreement, for all to hear. This problem was designed to solve a system of comments on the site. But, unfortunately, the transmission of information using text characters left less space for manipulators and the large number employed by them “trolls”.

In addition, we have no proper level of understanding between them. The usual methods of communication do not allow for the transfer of information so that it is not distorted in the understanding of the other. To convey the full emotional component we also can not practically. Stickers and Emoji do not show that the person feels actually.

And most importantly – it is impossible to verify who actually owns a particular digital avatar. The exchange of information in the world became Central broadcasting, which is clearly demonstrated by the diagram above. This allows a relatively small group of people to own the minds of billions of their kind and guide them according to their interests.

There is a solution

The idea of a single global brain, a kind of universal intelligence, has repeatedly called for the minds of the Seekers. The participants of the puzzle project NeoLang(the project aggregator) decided to develop this idea and to optimize the methods of communication between people. In their view, the exchange of information should be decentralized, contrary to the present situation.

Visually it looks like this:

Эволюция Блокчейна: мир, который нам не принадлежит

You ever read about how technical devices such as drone fighters, combined into one “flock”? “Communicating” with each other online – they represent a Unified Intelligence. There is a more coordinated and efficient system than this.

However, the diagram above is more like a hive or a swarm, where the server, called the author of the project “Aria”, like bee-Queen.

But there are important and fundamental difference from the centralized system server Aria is not a Central Issuer information and censor.

It is only a coordinator and a personal assistant each. Aria collects and analyzes all information inside the network, as a kind of Hypermacho, combining the Blockchain Data. Users themselves form an Aria. This is a real Digital Intelligence.

The blockchain will allow Network members to monetize their Knowledge in exchange for their coins and paying them accordingly. The principle is: the more you talk, the more you spend. This encourages participants to share only the really important information and to Express it as succinctly as possible. This is partly solves the problem of noise, which has become a serious problem.

Why is the word “talk” in quotes? Because, as already mentioned, the usual us text or video are not allow to reach the required level of understanding. To solve this problem, the founder NeoLang, a professional sound engineer, suggested replacing text with a visual wave, including different colors and shapes.

Every so-called “color pattern” will be bound to a specific value and, most importantly, to the emotions.

To look like this wave will be like this:

Эволюция Блокчейна: мир, который нам не принадлежит

It looks scary? Not at all. It is not harder any known language. Besides, there are no rules this will not be users themselves create the basis for communication. Because the patterns arise through hand gestures, facial expressions and sounds, is already known and familiar to us.

For full use will require typing manipulator and VR glasses. Do not expect that the system will replace the familiar to us the live chat – it just may become an alternative communication network.

It all seems quite complicated and confusing. But the MVP of the project already in development, and soon the first group of volunteers will test the equipment and to form Hypermesh.

In the nearest plans – implementation of special supports, which will be based 3D visualization. It was the sound engineers will be the first person to join technology.

Learn more about the project and possibilities of technology it is possible to learn from the presentation and the official documentation.

Today, the team NeoLang needs an interested audience and relevant specialists, as well as investment. Those wishing to support the development of the project can get its tokens or contact their representatives directly.

pre-ICO project NeoLang starts October 1, 2018. Additional questions can be asked in the chat, which brought together most stakeholders and the project team.

P.S. The founders of the project are urged to refrain from participation in the fate NeoLang persons who do not wish to change anything in your life or have a purely speculative purpose. Time hype cryptocurrencies have passed, the time has come when we need to build and create something really valuable and useful.

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