the ECB is ready to answer questions about digital currencies

ЕЦБ готов ответить на вопросы относительно цифровых валют

The European Central Bank (ECB) is ready to answer questions about digital currencies.

In its statement on Thursday, the ECB suggested that the users of Twitter and Facebook to appeal to the Manager of the Bank, Mario Draghi about the potential global economic crisis, the European economy, and digital currencies and the blockchain.

It is noteworthy that the ECB has listed some examples of questions about digital currencies on the page. Similarly, the Tweeter, the ECB has allocated the main theme – the Bitcoin, in particular whether it can displace traditional government-issued currency.

People who are interested in these issues, until January 23, you can write them on Twitter or Facebook. Draghi is going to answer these questions in a series of videos next month.

While the ECB emphasized the importance of this area, Draghi himself in the past repeatedly raised these issues, saying in November that they have no significant impact on the European economy.

In addition, Draghi said that he doesn’t believe that cryptocurrency is Mature enough to regulate them.

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