Technical analysis course bitcoin 03.10.2018

Технический анализ курса биткойна 03.10.2018

Good evening, dear friends!

Let us begin with interesting. Tomorrow one of the largest exchanges, Bitfinex is spent on prevention. If they turn off trading robots, over this time course can happen, anything. We have seen this more than once. The question is, how much at the moment Bitfinex has an impact on the containment. Here tomorrow and check it out.

“Crypto currency exchange Bitfinex alerts users when preventive maintenance of the infrastructure of the trading platforms the 4th of October between 6:00 and 18:00 coordinated universal time (UTC).”

By the way, there is a small but interesting material on the robots on the stock exchange: “WSJ: Trading bots manipulated the bitcoin exchange rate”

WSJ: Торговые боты манипулируют курсом биткойна

Now to the point. Unfortunately, or fortunately, but these two days on the market silence: a movement of 200 points for bitcoin is not a movement at all.

For me, the market is still looking down, but from the current price to $6 100 concentrated a lot of support levels. Next goal down at the break through triangle $370 6, above resistance at $6 660 – does not clear up. Indicators signal a reversal yet, but continue to platiti in a big triangle have nowhere to go.

12 hours

Технический анализ курса биткойна 03.10.2018

1 day

Технический анализ курса биткойна 03.10.2018



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