Switzerland will release the national stablein secured Swiss franc

Switzerland plans to create their own national cryptocurrency, backed by Fiat assets, inspired by the examples USDT and El Petro. The idea of creating stabilio already became traditional for cryptostore. According to many, stablein combines all the advantages of the digital assets, excluding their main disadvantage is the high volatility.

The most popular stablein in the world, Tether (USDT), has rather limited application range, and, moreover, of questionable reputation. But, nevertheless, today it plays an important role in the industry.

However, the Swiss cryptologist may soon get your safe stabilin with broader functionality than USDT, backed by the Swiss franc.

To integrate the digital currency into the real sector of the economy Switzerland is planning to release a token, which will be fully secured Swiss franc. Fiat assets will be stored in the form of paper banknotes in Swiss banks and vaults. Since the issuing company will only work with licensed financial institutions who lead the Top 10 Swiss banks, the manipulation of the audit, as in the case of a Tether, which is regularly accused to issue Fiat coins is excluded. Important characteristics of the project are transparency for investors and partners by conducting monthly authorized audit and publication of open reports. If you overcome the traditional distrust stabilium, the new Swiss token may be the first full stabilium with a wide range of functions, including retail and cross-border transfers.

We will remind, recently the head of the financial Department of Canton of Zug, Switzerland, Heinz Tannler encouraged the Swiss banks Association (SBA) to establish a working group to assist the blockchain-companies opening Bank accounts in Switzerland, and one of the largest banks in Switzerland, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, has announced readiness to provide services to cryptocurrency businesses and private owners of cryptocurrencies.

Note that last week the Winklevoss brothers published a white paper the world’s first adjustable stabilin – dollar Gemini, backed by the us dollar in the ratio 1:1.

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