Swiss investholding invested hundreds of millions of $ in Indonesian crypto currency exchange

Major Swiss investment holding “Merkuri holding AG”, registered in the Canton of Uri in 2006 and specializes in investments in innovative Swiss and foreign companies have invested several hundred million dollars in cryptocurrency exchange Exrates with a monthly trading volume of $ 1,200 million.

The exact amount of allocated investments is not disclosed, however, given the fact that the daily turnover is about $ 40 million, we are talking about quite a large, six-figure infusion, according to sources close to the project.

The crypto currency exchange EXRATES, launched in 2016, is already the third largest stock exchange of Indonesia and is included in the list of the TOP 40 largest kryptomere in trading volume, according to Coinmarketcap. On the current day at the stock exchange 295 is trading cryptocurrency and almost every month the site adds new currency pair.

Merkuri Holding representatives noted that they are extremely interesting is the experience of perceiving cryptosphere, and the team EXRATES said that attracting investment will help the exchange to expand its business and enter the global arena.

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