SegWit transactions in the Bitcoin network reached a record 53%

In the last 24 hours the number of bitcoin transactions processed using the technology of Segregated Witness, has increased dramatically. For the first time the network share SegWit transactions has topped 50%.

Segregated Witness (SegWit) (translated from English. “separated witness”) — Protocol optimization of block size and the blockchain-Bitcoin code, allowing to partially solve the problem of scaling network.

Statistics bitcoin resource show that the average number of transactions in the Bitcoin network, supporting the Protocol SegWit in the past 24 hours has risen dramatically from 43% to 53.82%.

Доля SegWit-транзакций в сети Биткойна достигла рекордных 53%

The rapid growth SegWit transactions and the implementation of the technology was ahead of scale may even jump in the number of transactions supporting the Protocol.

The widespread acceptance of the technology SegWit processing services, wallets and exchanges will significantly increase the percentage of use of bitcoin for everyday payments, as this technology helps increase the speed of transactions and lower commissions network.

Read more about what SegWit and how it works, read in the material BitNovosti: “How SegWit improves safety.”

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