Revolut issued debit card that supports 5 cryptocurrency and cryptocaria

This week, European FINTECH startup Revolut announced the launch of debit cards Revolut Metal supporting scripttrandate and allows you to get cashback for purchases in bitcoin.

In April, the head of a startup Nicholas Storonsky in an interview with Business Insider reported the company plans to launch debit card cashback in bitcoin.

Plans turned into reality: now the company will allow educated users to use payment platform without commissions, without the need to resort to Paypal and easy conversion into pairs with 25 currencies. The company has not paid attention to and blockchain technology: Revolut Bitstamp and jointly launched mobile app that allows customers to exchange and convert 5 cryptocurrency.

21st Aug Twitter Revolut announced the launch of its second physical product, which aims to further blur the borders between digital and “real” world.

🚀 T-1

— Revolut (@RevolutApp) August 21, 2018

Debit card Revolut Metal will cost fans of new technologies in 154 dollars per year or 16.5 dollars per month, which the company promises to compensate, in one of the following options: “free Concierge service, medical insurance for travel or exclusive offers from the Revolut”.

It is noteworthy that the cashback on the card will do the crypto in the amount of 1% on purchases outside Europe and 0.1% in the EU. A company representative said:

“We believe Revolut Metal essential product for people of all ages and income: from geeks to office workers. We are convinced that Revolut Metal will be an exclusive map of the future, indispensable for travellers around the world”

Their innovative products the company has already attracted more than 2.5 million customers, the Bank created a transaction volume of 15 billion euros in just a few years, and in the last investment round of a startup was valued at $ 1.7 billion.

Also in June, a British startup with Russian roots announced intentions to work in Russia in Association with QIWI. In 2018 Revolut launched in India, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries. After entering the new markets, the company expects in the next 5 years to increase the number of users to 100 million

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