RAKIB made up of a single cryptocurrency Glossary for OECD countries and the EAEC

Association President Yuri Pripachkin RAKIB presented a draft of the cryptocurrency Glossary for OECD countries and the Eurasian economic Union, in the framework of the international seminar on development of digital economy and regulation of the cryptocurrency market.

During the event participants were presented the draft Glossary of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which contains concepts from the world of technology, the provisions of the legislative framework of the countries participating in OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) and the EAEC (Eurasian economic Union), as well as suggestions from industry organizations operating on the territory of these States.

It is anticipated that the Glossary will serve to improve effective cooperation between countries and the synchronization of efforts on formation of legislative bases in the field of new digital technologies.

Call RAKIB to the introduction of a common vocabulary in the field of crypto-currency economy has already begun to take shape.

EAAC, market participants kriptonyte, members of RAKIB, Association blockchain community of Central Asia, the law firm “Aleinikov & partners” and the financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation has begun the discussion and the development of the project.

“The final document through the Executive bodies of the EEU will soon be transmitted to governments of member States of the Economic Union”, according to RAKIB.

According to RAKIB, Russia will be able to raise up to $ 20 billion of investment per year, due to further development of the digital economy.

We will remind, a month ago, appeared in Russia’s “white list” members of kryptonyte. Registry trusted companies providing services in the field of mining, investment, and training and support of the ICO, have created the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

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