Participants of the Lithuanian marathon got cryptograpy

During the Sunday marathon in the Lithuanian capital, 4,000 of the 15,000 runners used the blockchain fitness app Lympo Run, which accrues cryptocurrency for achieving victories.

The makers of fitness apps Lympo Run signed a partnership agreement with the organizers of the marathon in Vilnius, speaking sponsors sports events and inviting the participants to earn cryptocurrency in the process of the race.

Founder and CEO at Ada Inuse in his blog on Medium, noted the positive results of the promotional campaign of your startup:

“It’s incredibly inspiring to see people finally enjoying running and get rewards for reaching goals. We are faced with many challenges, but it was a really great start and an important milestone in the history Lympo”

The company Lympo aims to create a three-part ecosystem:

  • the users control their workouts and LYM get tokens as rewards for achieving health goals;
  • users can use tokens to purchase goods and services in the marketplace Lympo;
  • collected data on performance are used to improve the respective services.

Similar business models are, and other startups seeking to combine fitness tracking and tryptomer as SweatCoin, Fitcoin and FitBlox, so Lympo yet to show what their competitive advantage.

Meanwhile, Lympo plans expansion in US and China at the end of this year, and in April it became known that the most influential athlete according to Forbes, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, has become the “international Ambassador” blockchain startup Lympo.

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