P2P exchange HodlHodl announced the launch of the JTS platform with escrow for large transactions

Latvian p2p exchange HodlHodl announced the opening OTC (OTC) platform with a new kind of escrow address for a major institutional transactions.

Recently the exchange launched the “private offers” — a new feature for OTC-traders, however, after receiving huge number of requests from institutional investors and large traders HodlHodl came to the conclusion that there is a huge demand for the services of an OTC trading platform with neostalinism storage means. For transactions on a similar platform to the customers is also very important to have a safe necesitatile escrow addresses multimediali.

According to HodlHodl, currently, most OTC firms/brokers use their own centralized escrow services for trade, however, according to the creators of the Latvian stock exchange is unsafe, and major trades should be carried out only with the help of necesitatile platforms on the basis of protected addresses.

To ensure the highest standards of safety and quality of trading services exchange HodlHodl currently creates:

  • Multisig eksrou addresses with 3 signatures. At the request of interested in the OTC trade partners, HodlHodl develops special multisig wallet, in which one signature belongs to the seller, another — the buyer, and the third HodlHodl. In order to withdraw funds from the escrow required will be activation of 2 of the 3 signing keys. Thus, in the event of a dispute, HodlHodl will be able to send funds to any seller or buyer. In addition, addresses with 3 signatures will be available for all other clients of the exchange.
  • Own OTC Desk. HodlHold as hiring their own brokers to work under this platform that will match buyers with sellers and Vice versa.
  • A broker-dealer. Currently Birgit are in the process of obtaining a brokerage license EU to open its own Finance company. This will allow the exchange and its customers to trade directly with each other.

It is noted that the start of a new direction HodlHodl will not affect current operations.

Read more about the exchange HodlHodl read in the material BitNovosi: “Interview with the creators of p2p exchanges HodlHodl”.

Recall, according to the recent research, the volume of bitcoin trading on the OTC market is much larger than the exchange volume.

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