Open acceptance of bids for participation in the “Digital economy”

Center of excellence for import substitution in the field of ICT (CICT) announced the beginning of reception of applications for competition for the execution of works on organization of information security provided for in the Russian Federation programme “Digital economy”. During the contest, lots will be drawn to research in the field of cyber security, proposal development, hardware and software platforms and targets.

The message about competition appeared today on the website of the competence Center for import substitution in the field of ICT — applications for participation in the open tender will be accepted until October 19.

In related information to the competition says about 16 lots, including the creation of a national certification authority to ensure the sustainability of communication in Runet (the maximum value of the lot — almost 50 million rubles), as well as the development of a draft roadmap on the use of cryptography in the Russian Runet (8.8 million rubles).

The most expensive lot is a systematic analysis and assessment of potential vulnerabilities, threats and information security risks inherent in cloud, misty, quantum technologies, artificial intelligence technologies, virtual and augmented reality and blockchain technology. This lot also includes the comparative assessment of economic effect from introduction of such technologies. The cost of the lot is 59 million rubles.

Head CKICK Ilya massukh said that the alleged 16 lots mean priority interventions to create a “safety cage” of the digital economy of the Russian Federation.

“The work in this area is just beginning, and subsequently we plan to create a strong platform for cyber security to Russian citizens and businesses are not threatened in the conduct of activities in the new digital space,” — said Massukh.

In ANO “Digital economy” also added that the functions of CICT was approved by the working group on information security in ANO in September 2018. Among them — preparation of expert opinions on the failure of government agencies on procurement of domestic software.

Recall that until the end of 2018, the Ministry digital development intends to develop a routine for the assessment of investments in the development of the digital economy for the subjects of the Russian Federation.

It is also worth noting that during the WEF, the government was requested to assign the island of Russian a special status, making this part of Primorye “the digital center of development of Russia” for the study and testing of not yet regulated by the legislation of the innovation.

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