Network ТОN will release 5 billion tokens GRAM, commissions, fees will be minimal

In the description of the functions of a cryptocurrency blockchain-network Telegram, Gram, the creators of the platform promise transparent to the users of transaction fee and details the computational grid cryptocurrencies.

Closed public ICO round Telegram network Open Network (TON) has collected a record $ 1.7 billion, so even after the organizers cancelled the public round. Telegram sold its virtual coins Gram in two private rounds of funding. The second round of the fundraiser collected $ 850 million from 94 accredited investors, which should have been paid at least $ 1 million, according to the application filed with the Commission on securities and stock exchanges.

Then Pavel Durov said that he plans to use the proceeds from the ICO funds to build a blockchain network, called “Telegram Open Network (TON)”, which will allow users to pay with cryptocurrency Gram (Gram).

According to issued by the company to the description of the functions of the network and issued by the cryptocurrency, the blockchain ecosystem-network TON the balances will reflect the following design units:

  • Nanogram (nano) = minimum calculation unit
  • Μg (micro) = 1 000 nanograms
  • Milligrams (Milli) = 1,000,000 nanograms/ 0,001 gram
  • Gram = 1 000 000 000 nanograms
  • Kilograms (CGRAM) = 1 000 grams
  • Megagram (mgram) = 1 000 000 grams
  • Gigagram (gram) = 1 000 000 000 grams

Emission cryptocurrency would be reduced to 5 ghahramani, or 5 000 000 000 grams.

In addition, the founders promise is so low to the Commission for transfer of funds, that they will be almost invisible to users of your application.

26th July Telegram also provided a tool for identity verification Passport that allows you to share documents with third parties, including with the participation of the ICO in projects. However, in August the startup Virgil Security, dealing with cybersecurity, revealed in the Passport application Telegram critical vulnerabilities.

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