Lufthansa announces first in the airline industry competition blockchain technology

Innovation hub of the German airline Lufthansa signed a partnership agreement with SAP.iO Berlin Foundry to create the first world contest blockchain technology in the airline industry – Aviation Blockchain Challenge.

As reported in the company blog, the competition aims to unlock the potential of blockchain technologies and to promote its application in the airline industry.

The press release explains that the ecosystem of research and industrial experience of the German airline in conjunction with SAP experience in blockchain technologies will create an environment that can connect promising blockchain entrepreneurs with decision makers in the industry.

Thorsten Dirks, head of Eurowings and a member of the Board of Directors of the Lufthansa Group said:

“The blockchain is one of the transformative technologies of our time, to which we constantly appeal in the framework of the strategy of digitalization Lufthansa Group”

In turn, Director of strategy and Vice President of SAP said that the partnership will play a key role “in the creation of an ecosystem for innovation that could potentially transform the entire travel industry”.

The competition will consist of three categories: in the airline industry, travel industry and in the supply chain, reflecting the possible applications of the technology.

Applications for participation in competition are accepted until the end of summer and the final round will take place on the Lufthansa forum the Innovation Forum.

In July it became known that Accenture and Thales have developed a blockchain-solution for the supply chain in the aviation industry and the Boeing company signed a partnership agreement with a company engaged in the application of blockchain technology based on artificial intelligence for drones.

We will remind that now the Swiss company Swissport introduces the blockchain is a solution for tracking of air cargo, “Singapore airlines” create blockchain wallets for loyal customers, and the military of the United States, China, India and Russia are implementing the blockchain in their development, including in the airline industry.

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