In the Czech Republic burned the castle is associated with the crypto currency exchange BTC-e a Russian business

Castle in the Czech Republic, owned by businessman Sergei Mayzus, the activity of which was associated with the crypto currency exchange WEX and previously BTC-e, was burned the 20th of August.

In the Czech town of Trutnov burned down a historic mansion, owned by Russian businessman Sergey Mayzus Sagna. Local firefighters reported that the fire 3rd degree castle failed to save, as local teams were not equipment, able to cope with the fire on the hill, and came to the rescue with the neighboring areas of the brigade did not.

The name of Sergei misuse associated with the activities of the crypto currency exchange BTC-e, now renamed WEX, reports about the closure which was reported at the beginning of the month. In an interview with Blockchain Hub Kiyv Dmitry Vasilyev, CEO of WEX exchange, admitted that even he does not understand what is happening with the exchange. Also Sergey Mayzus is mentioned as the owner of the services on reception and transfer of payments OKpay and MoneyPolo.

Located in Trutnov castle in Baroque style with an area of 2000 square meters was the subject of cultural heritage and was estimated at $ 14.5 million. The oldest building of the castle dates back to 1792-th year, and its extension – 1869-th. To the sale of the castle also housed a school and a kindergarten.

The Czech police are investigating the possible causes of fire: arson to careless handling of fire.

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