In Riga started Europe’s largest bitcoin conference “Baltic Honeybadger 2018”: live broadcast from the event

In Riga began one of the most anticipated in the bitcoin community conferences for the the first cryptocurrency — Baltic Honeybadger 2018. Invite readers to take in the sights and really chiromassage events and join a panel discussing global issues of the bitcoin industry by connecting to online broadcasts from the conference.

Last year in the conference Baltic Honeybadger was attended by about 300 bitcoin enthusiasts, developers and experts. This time the number of participants is more than 600 people.

Among the speakers are such prominent representatives of the bitcoin community, as Dr. Adam Beck, Elizabeth stark, Giacomo Zucco, Peter Todd, Max Kadun, Tuur Damazer, Pierre Roberge, Tone Weiss, Jimmy song, Sayfiddin Amos and others.

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