How to overclock Bitmain AntMiner Z9 Mini ASIC Miner

It seems that in order to promote sales of the new, more powerful Z9 ASIC Antminer, Bitmain resorting to the tactic of removal options for overclocking in their Z9 Mini. The original miners Z9 Mini had a drop-down list, which made it easy to select the working frequency of the chip, as well as Z9 Mini sprints not bad and works 100% stable with an increase in productivity by 50%, the acceleration is the first thing you should do immediately after you get the device out of the box. Z9 Mini with hasraton 10 K /sol at 250 watts of power consumption at the default frequency of 500 MHz can easily generate 15 K /sol overclocking up to 700 MHz and the consumption of 350 W and maybe even more if he manages to stabilize at a frequency of 725 MHz, or even 750 MHz.How to overclock Antminer Z9 Mini from the web interface, if the partition Configuration miner-Advanced settings, in the drop-down menu option “Frequency” we see the value of “Balance” that represents the default frequency of 500 MHz? In fact, everything is simple. Bitmainseems to limit the functionality of the acceleration, removed the parameters from the HTML code of the page. Therefore you to be able to set higher frequency, you just need to edit the source code of this page and add the options you want. There are several ways to do this but the easiest way is just to edit the page code using Chrome or Firefox, then save and apply (Save&Apply) the settings that the device started to work at a higher frequency. It needs to bring on the drop-down list is available only to “Balance”, and click the right mouse button and selecting “Inspect or inspect element”. You will see that the Turbo frequency has a value of 550 MHz, you can edit it by removing the comment brackets at the beginning and end of the line or even just changing the frequency of the Balance parameter, say, 700 MHz. Just select the line and click the right mouse button, select “Edit as HTML” (Edit as HTML) from the pop-up menu and make the necessary changes.

When you’re finished editing the string, just apply the changes and you will immediately see them on a web page. Don’t worry, this is a temporary change when the page reloads, all the changes that you made to the code will disappear, as they do not last forever. And to the new operating frequency to keep the configuration file, click the “Save and apply” (Save&Apply). Our advice is to start with a 700 MHz, as everything should be stable, but you will have to manually increase the speed of the cooling fan. Then you can try to increase the operating frequency to 725 MHz and 750 MHz, to make sure that you can squeeze out additional performance, and the work it will remain stable.

Bitmain AntMiner Z9 Mini, operating at a frequency of 700 MHz, should give the average Hasrat 15 K /sol and run without error 24/7, so you get the performance increase of 50% in additional power consumption 100 watts absolutely for free. Probably Bitmain doesn’t want to have such bonus, and that is why they removed this option from the web interface. Interestingly, the new larger and more powerful Antiminer Z9 ASIC as simple in overclocking or maybe Bimain will make the acceleration of the device when it is sent?


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