Greek court has approved the extradition winnik in France

Accused of money laundering through the now-functioning crypto currency exchange BTC-e Alexander Vinnik can be extradited to France by the court.

After the arrest winnik in Greece in July last year at the request of the US government, the governments of Russia and the United States continued the fight for his extradition, and now they were joined by France.

The 13th of July, a Greek court ruled the extradition winnik in France on charges of kriptotekh 100 French citizens, reports Associated Press.

The day before, Russian diplomats have left Greece because of the conflict in NATO, which gave an additional reason the Russian authorities to Express sharp criticism of this decision.

Lawyer Ilias Sergiadis said the Washington Press that his client is going to insist on his innocence. We will remind that earlier the media reported that winnick will plead guilty to money laundering.

In may, Alexander Vinnik refused to cooperate with the US intelligence agencies and stated that it expects to help Russian authorities, but the Greek side rejected the request for extradition of the offender from the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

U.S. law enforcement authorities claim that winnick was the “operator” of the crypto currency exchange BTC-e and used it to launder more than $ 4 billion over 6 years.

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