German business school offers to get a diploma the blockchain expert

German business school Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers an educational programme for obtaining the diploma blockchain expert with proven knowledge and competencies.

Business school Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has announced the recruitment in educational courses on innovative technologies, attendees will be able to get the certified diploma of the expert on the blockchain, according to the website of the German educational institution.

The program covers a broad range of new technology topics, from legal aspects to cyber security, from General chapters on cryptography to decentralized applications on the Ethereum network and Hyperledger, from smart contracts to practical examples of the use of technology.

The students with the IT knowledge and without them, the choice of the full program, writing a thesis and passing the exam will receive the diploma of the expert on the blockchain, but possibly visiting individual modules.

The program was developed in conjunction with the blockchain community of Frankfurt in cooperation with the largest blockchain company Consensys.

Responsible for educational program Veronica cutt said:

“Our students will be involved in new technology early on. It’s a bit similar to programming the first Internet pages in the mid-90s”

Director of the research centre business school Philip Sandner added:

“You can store personal information, such as summary or identity document on the blockchain, like in the book. In our project, we show that the technology is “comfortable” for the user”

Leading Universities have been offering education in the field of blockchain: currently 42% of the world’s TOP 50 universities introduced courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Develops and educational infrastructure around the new occupation: for example, in the current academic year the University of Malta has allocated € 300,000 for scholarships studying the blockchain to students, and in Oxford create a blockchain-College based on smart contracts.

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