France appointed “leader of the mission” to regulate cryptocurrency

Франция назначила «лидера миссии» по регулированию криптовалют

Appointed to the post of the leader of the mission to regulate cryptocurrency Jean-Pierre Landau, known for his hostility to Bitcoin.

The hostility towards Bitcoin in the European Union is growing every day, and France in this respect is ahead of many countries. On Monday, the economy Minister Bruno Le Mayeur announced its decision to create a “mission cryptocurrencies” and a working group to explore the possibility of their regulation.

He also announced the appointment of Jean-Pierre Landau, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, head of the working group. Bruno Le Mayeur explained:

“We want stability in the economy, we reject the risks of financial speculation and possible diversions associated with bitcoin”.

“I have asked the Argentine members of the G20 to address this issue, and now I commissioned Jean-Pierre Landau, former Deputy Governor of the Banque de France to complete the mission cryptocurrency”, he added.

Explaining the role of Jean-Pierre Landau, Bruno Le myre said

“The mission of Jean-Pierre Landau will be responsible for the development of guidelines in relation to the evolution of regulations and improve control prevent their use in tax evasion, money laundering or financing criminal activity and terrorism.”

Jean-Pierre Landau has a strong opinion on cryptoeconomy. In 2014, in a newspaper article for the newspaper “financial times”, Mr. Landau expressed his strong aversion to zarazhdavshiysya then the bitcoin economy, comparing the asset with the infamous Tulip speculation in the 17th century.

Landau wrote: “Beware of Bitcoin mania, the Tulip of the 21st century.”

He continued:

“Cryptocurrency is currently attractive for two reasons: one is the anonymity that makes it suitable for tax evasion and money laundering – it will not last long; the authorities have already raised the issue. The other pure speculation. Bitcoins are the tulips of our time; craze is not over yet, but the longer it lasts, the more investors are likely to be hurt”.


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