Football team, Gibraltar will pay the salaries of players in the cryptocurrency

Semi-professional football team, Gibraltar will be the first in the world, whose leadership will pay their players part of their salaries in bitcoin, starting from next season, announced the club owner Pablo was Given, which is also an investor in digital currency Quantocoin.

Gibraltar Premier League is preparing for a very unusual way to integrate cryptocurrencies into their activities. The financial sector the region occupies a leading position in the world from the point of view of technological applications of financial innovation and the blockchain developments. Recently, the players of the football team Gibraltar United had reached an agreement with the club owners by agreeing to receive part salaries in the cryptocurrency, starting from the next season.

Owner Gibraltar United Dan believes that the adoption by the club of this decision may inspire other sports teams to go on the same step. According to him, cryptocurrency can help to eradicate corruption in sports. He also noted that it will allow you to get paid some foreign players, who have no opportunity to open a Bank account in Gibraltar.

Theoretically, remittances, performed with the help of blockchain technology, will be free from tax charges and commissions, often related to various methods of payment. Cryptocurrencies will also allow you to put an end to the illegal operations on the part of dishonest football clubs, their agents and others involved in the football industry companies and individuals.

During the world Cup, it became known that the Brazilian football clubs Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians will use and promote football cryptocurrency IVI.

We will remind, in the beginning of the year Amateur football club from Turkey, Harunustaspor, a team player, paying him with bitcoins. The player named Omer Faruk Kiroglu was paid 0,0524 BTC.

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