Football club “Paris Saint-Germain” launches cryptocurrency

Paris football club PSG has signed a partnership agreement with the Malta startup ChiliZ to launch the cryptocurrency, which will allow football fans to receive rewards and participate in polls.

Legendary club “Paris Saint Germain” signed a partnership agreement with the owner supported Binance blockchain crypto currency exchange platform to run the Fan Token Offering (FTO) – offers tokens for the fans.

The owners of the tokens of the football club will be able to participate in voting on “cosmetic solutions” for the football team: for example, choose the color of the shape.

Founder ChiliZ Alexander Dreyfus explained that released on the blockchain the platform Socios token will help you to monetize and increase the active involvement of fans, using blockchain technology, and Director of partnerships, football club mark Armstrong added:

“Revolutionary technology will have a significant impact on the overall business strategy of the club and how we interact with our fans”

Unlike cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, tokens PSG will exchange tokens only at startup ChiliZ, CHZ. The exact launch date of the project has not been disclosed, but is expected in the beginning of the next football season.

Also last week it became known that American baseball club Los Angeles Dodgers will give fans convertible at ETH nominal tokens of their star players.

Previously, we reported that the Brazilian football clubs Atletico Paranaense and Corinthians will use and promote football cryptocurrency IVI.

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