Europol: bitcoin is not being used to Finance terrorism in Europe

In a recent study on the assessment of organized crime on the Internet Internet 2018 Organized Threat Assessment, Europol has concluded that bitcoin and other digital assets not used to Finance terrorist operations in Europe.

In the report on page 72 assessment of organized crime on the Internet, Europol describes various types of crimes in the online environment: from hacking to child pornography and illegal use of cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin.

This month the financial services Committee of the U.S. Congress denied the theory that the cryptocurrency can now be used by terrorist organizations as a financial instrument, and similar conclusion was reached by experts from Europol:

“Despite the obvious potential, none of the planning in the European territory of the attack, apparently, was not funded with cryptocurrencies. The use of crypto-currencies by terrorist groups occurred only with the low transaction level, while major funding is still carried out through traditional banks and money transfer systems”

Also, security experts from Europol say that the terrorists are the least likely to refuse cash in favor of transparent cryptocurrency. However, according to experts from Europol, a growing number of cyber criminals who use anonymous cryptocurrencies as zcash for Monero and that can learn and criminals operating not only on the Internet:

“While the criminal use of crypto-currencies remains largely in the field of cybercrime, some members of the EU have also been reported cases, outside of the cyber environment”

In February, Europol and Interpol promised to redouble efforts against the laundering money through cryptocurrencies, and later Europol said that using cryptocurrency to launder every year 5.5 billion dollars in illegal funds, but criminals increasingly prefer oldoini anonymous bitcoin.

Also, to curb the rising trend of attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and offenses in the sphere of digital payments, in June, Europol announced a series of meetings with the largest European bitcoin exchanges.

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