Diar: venture capital investments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector grew by 280% in 2018 year

“Traditional” venture investments in blockchain and cryptocurrency sector has nearly tripled over the first 3 quarters of 2018, the year, according to analyst firm Diar is the 30th of September.

Analyst firm Diar, citing data from Pitchbook, announced that this year the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies have already attracted 3.9 billion dollars of venture capital, 280% more than last year. This increased not only the number of transactions, but the median value of each of them, for $ 1 million this year.

On the chart, where the black color indicates the amount of capital raised, and the gray – number of deals that have seen significant growth of these indicators in the current year:

Diar: венчурные инвестиции в блокчейн и криптовалютный сектор выросли на 280% в 2018-ом году

The median value of investments this year, according to a published report Diar, increased to 2.5 million, $ 1 million greater than the previous year:

Diar: венчурные инвестиции в блокчейн и криптовалютный сектор выросли на 280% в 2018-ом году

In 2018, the year the total amount of the ten largest transactions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency projects has already exceeded 1.3 billion. 9 projects the funds were raised through traditional investments in share capital in a startup, and not through the purchase of tokens. The exception was the token DFINITY, in which venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Hashed and Polychain Capital jointly invested $ 163 million.

Pitchbook data also showed that the company Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Group (DCG), were currently among the most active venture capital firms, having closed over 110 transactions in the current year and beating the Blockchain Capital and Pantera Capital, which only jointly get up to 100 trades. Recall that for example the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Pantera Capital has announced more than 10,000% profit for the period since the formation of the Fund 5 years ago.

Other active investors include venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz, Danhua Capital, Future Perfect Ventures, and “active angels” Tim Draper, Roger Faith, Barry Silbert and the bulk of Ravikant.

In total, according to Diar, 2000 investors have concluded at least one transaction in the blockchain sector this year, and 50 most active invested in at least 8 projects.

From the point of view of the profile of the investors, 52% of investors made acquisitions to diversify their portfolio not specializing in blockchain investments. 79% of investors were from USA, 12% from China and 2% from South Korea and Singapore.

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