BMW included 2 blockchain startups in its program of development of innovation

BMW Group has announced that through a thorough selection process, opted for the young 6 projects, including 2 blockchain startups to jointly start a research program BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab.

BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab is an acceleration program for entrepreneurs and FINTECH startups wanting to partner with BMW for the purpose of development and implementation of innovative solutions and technologies that can benefit consumers, dealers, and partners.

In accordance with the press release published on the website of the car manufacturer BMW Group Financial Services, the financial arm of BMW, has chosen only 6 FINTECH startups 212 of the companies nominated, in the first launch of BMW Financial Services Collaboration Lab to develop innovative solutions for the automotive and financial sectors.

BMW has been exploring the possibilities of the blockchain for several months in the implementation of the MOBI project, which brings together the major players in the automotive industry. To launch its new programme for the BMW enters partnership with 2 blockchain startups:

First startup, Supermoney, developing a crypto that will allow you to pay for goods and services using QR codes.

Second, Bloom uses the blockchain to identify customers without having to store their data on the local server.

Ian Smith, CEO of BMW Group Financial Services, commented on this step:

“We welcome the talented innovators within the program -accelerator BMW Collaboration Lab. We will work together over the next 10 weeks in our office in Hilliard, Ohio, and to explore new technologies and solutions for our company and our customers.”

Recall that the international automaker BMW earlier this year launched a pilot test of the blockchain-a platform for taking into account the mileage of the rented car together with the project DOVU.

Also, the German automaker signed a partnership agreement with the blockchain startup that provides “pure” cobalt supply, and in March BMW announced a partnership with Chinese blockchain company VEChain to ensure consistency of supply of raw materials to international standards.

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