BlackRock CEO: our customers are not interested in cryptocurrencies

CEO BlackRock Larry Fink, in spite of the establishment of a working group for the study of cryptocurrencies, said that customers are the largest ETF provider are not interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

“I am sure that none of our customers have no desire to go into the stock market,” said Fink.

Restraint on the part of institutional investors in virtual currencies is understandable. However, in the comments Fink observed direct conflict with the opinion of the chief strategist and managing Director of asset management Isabelle Mateos Lago, which earlier this year admitted that investors have asked many questions about the possibilities of investing in bitcoin.

BlackRock CEO also said that company wants to study the market and expects regulators clear market laws and regulations.

Disagreements between review Fink and the message “internal sources” who say that the firm is seriously considering investing in crypto currencies is, of course, introduces potential investors astray. Larry Fink assures the investment firm has no plans even to build the infrastructure for trading digital currencies, be it the actual buying/selling coins or trade bitcoin derivatives.

Earlier, In 2017 the BlackRock CEO called bitcoin a “speculative” asset. He also said that the main claim to bitcoin is anonymity and the use of the asset in criminal activities.

Earlier, several employees of the investment Fund BlackRock in London filed notices of dismissal in order to run your own Fund, which will focus solely on blockchain decisions and investments in the cryptocurrency.

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