Bitcoin Core issued a “full disclosure” vulnerability: Update “critical!”

The developers of Bitcoin Core has revealed the vulnerability of the network, affecting some client program Bitcoin (BTC), and again urged the need to update all nodes to the latest version 0.16.3.

In addition to technical information about the error, known as CVE-2018-17144, the developers have provided information on the timing and process of discovering vulnerabilities and the way to fix it in version 0.16.3:

“To speed up the process of updates to a new version, after correcting the vulnerability was immediately disclosed less serious problem that the community has time to react. Full disclosure of the vulnerability we have postponed

News about CVE-2018-17144 came this week, really excited about the Bitcoin community. In his report adds:

“We expect that currently more than half of the bitcoin hash is already updated to the fixed node. We don’t know of any attempts to exploit this vulnerability. Nevertheless, it remains critically important that the affected users updated. You need to avoid big reorganizations create invalid blocks or the invalid adoption of the transaction”

It is expected that the incentive to upgrade at present will not be separated unanimously. One of the developers network, Core Luke-jrclaims that total vulnerability revealed “premature,” however, calling the update “as soon as possible!”:

“In my opinion, this disclosure is premature (only 2% of the network is updated), but the cat is already out of the bag”


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