a Swedish Bank starts trading digital assets

Private offshore Bank Valens Bank will manage digital assets of their clients using the tool BTT Crypto Trading Toolbox created by Blocktrade Technology Ltd., a subsidiary of Stockholm IT Ventures AB (SITV).

Valens Bank, based in Germany, has long paid special attention in modern banking products like account for stock trading, prepaid credit cards, stock brokerage services or cryptocurrency wallets.

Valens Bank CEO, Torben Pedersen, commented on the new agreement of the Bank, noting the importance of innovative technologies:

“We are confident that the innovative software Stockholm IT Ventures and Blocktrade Technology will greatly benefit our customers and provide Pro-traders the market that everyone is looking for. We conducted a thorough check of the software BTT in real trading situations, and impressed by its performance”

This is the second agreement concluded between Valens Bank and Blocktrade Technology, is not only beneficial for the Bank, seeking innovative technological solutions, but also for a company that can expand its activities in the field of digital financial services. Blocktrade Technology CEO, Fredrik Viestad, also said that cooperation in line with the mission of the company:

“We are proud of the agreement with Valens Bank, which fully meets our strategic objectives and approach to working with institutional banks and investors who seek to guarantee their clients a great return on their investment,”

Fee for the use of technology Blocktrade Technology will be 1.5% per annum of the total capital allocated in the program. Now Valens Bank and Blocktrade Technology are working together to launch the project, which kicks off next month.

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