a New virus-the kidnapper’s hiding bitcoins in the cheat codes for the game Fortnite

A cyber security company Malwarebytes found that scammers distribute malware aimed at stealing data on bitcoin wallets, using the guise of cheats for video games Fortnite.

Fortnite is currently one of the most popular video games in the world, in which every play more than 125 million people. Malwarebytes researched online ecosystem game and found that hackers secretly spread the viruses to steal your browser history and information about the use of bitcoin wallets under the guise of free subscription to the sixth season Fortniteдля version of the game on Android and cheat codes: cheat Bogus, WallHach and AimBot. The so-called packages with free V-Bucks — internal game currency Fortnite for the purchase of additional gaming content also contain malware.

The experts at Malwarebytes discovered that download links to viruses posted on the YouTube channels of fraudsters who give advice on the game and in the process give a link to download “free” versions. According to reports Malwarebytes, malware downloaded more than 2,000 times. Diagnosticians Malwarebytes identified the malware file as “Trojan.Malpack” and took it to a class of kidnappers data-based bitcoin wallets, information from browser histories, cookies and other data.

The virus is reportedly trying to redirect the stolen information to Russia on IP address

Malwarebytes warns that the virus accompanies the readme file also advertises the ability to purchase additional cheats “for $80 in bitcoins”.

Many experts on cyber security say the growing popularity of cryptographic malware and cryptogenetic systems among hackers. It is known that 27% of hacker attacks in 2018 aimed at users of cryptocurrencies, and, as of June, with malware ON cryptoendoliths had stolen over $1.1 billion.

We will remind also that last week of specialized cyber security company Sophos has discovered in the Google Play Store 25 is infected with viruses-miners applications.

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