Convenient, quick and safe at the same time? Yes!

No taint, no worry, no stuck coins or unresponsive support. A truly simple, quick and reliable bitcoin mixer. is the champion of bitcoin mixers


A combination of different mixing techniques backed up by a huge buffer and volume of fresh clean coins means you can't go wrong.

Highly Secure

Bitcoins are no joke. Our system is set up in a way that makes loss of value impossible. This is a guarantee that legally binds.

Significant Volume

It is because of our success that we are fortunate to have a large pool of bitcoins to use to allow quick cleaning of large quantities of bitcoins.

Super Fast

Clean coins are eagerly waiting to be sent to you in bits and chunks. You don't have to wait for the mixing to happen, it already has!

Bitcoin Mixing Questions

How long does it take?

We wait for 3 confirmations on your deposit and immediately start the process of sending coins from an already prepared clean source. The transfer can take just a few minutes up to 500 BTC, but a delay is strongly recommended for improved privacy.

How much does it cost?

The service is free on average. A random, small amount (1% maximum) of coins credited to or debited from the final tally adds another layer of protection against analysis. You may end up with more bitcoins than you deposited. It's normal.

Is it safe? Can I trust this site?

Unlike typical bitcoin mixer sites that are run by anonymous and shady individuals, Bitcoin-Mix is 100% legitimate. We are a Limited Company in England with considerable history in a crypto-currency context. Look up our information. Check our certificate in the URL bar. Reach us by phone during business hours: +44 123 380 1024.

How does it work?

We hold a large quantity of bitcoins to ensure thorough cleaning. By combining various techniques to prepare clean bitcoins, we can provide a better result than CoinJoin, SharedCoin, BitMixer and other bitcoin tumbling services. Some of these methods are standard, others are cutting-edge and not public.

Bitcoin mixers also go by other names

The bitcoin-mix bitcoin mixer service is the right service to use whether you were looking for any of the following:

Transactions that confirm are written to the blockchain permanently. Today's computer technology allows for vast amounts of information to be extracted and analyzed from the blockchain. Bitcoin-Mix combines a variety of methods to disperse your coins to wallets everywhere on the internet and to provide you with fresh coins off the shelf. We delete all information about completed coin mixing as soon as possible. We are responsible by contract for making sure your fresh coins can never be tied to Bitcoin-Mix or your original deposit. We recommend using a bitcoin mixer even if you do not use any darknet marketplaces, but especially if you send bitcoins to or from the deep web, be sure to mix it up. If you have friends using bitcoins, check out our affiliate system and earn bitcoins from referrals. If instead of bitcoins you are looking for an Ethereum mixer, check out

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